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Green Initiative

Green Initiative

Farm Price operate new generation air compressor that focus on efficiency and sustainability. Energy efficient air compressor will not only save cost but will also help control pollution. With MyHIJAU certification, the compressor is certified a green technology product that conserve natural environment and resources which yield higher efficiency and significant energy savings which generate clean compressed air. The compressor also reducing the electricity needed for compressed air systems which ald in improving air quality.
Energy Efficient Air Compressor
Farm Price is also honouring its social responsibility by installing solar photovoltaic system that use 100% clean energy that produce 0% pollution that can support 24hour of operation. With this implementation of this renewable energy, we have faith to provide next generation a brighter and greener future besides furnishing curent generation of high nutritional value and great taste of vegetables.
Solar System
The disposal of waste vegetables to land filing would increase the emission of green house gases. Hence, Farm Price develop waste management program by joint-venturing Nutrition Technologies' (NT) business that provide sustainable insect protein to support global food supply chain. Our unwanted waste vegetables would be collected and processed by NT to feed Black Soldier Fly. They manufacture insect proteins from the larvae to produce animal feed and insect-based organic fertilizers. This waste management is returning nutrients to the soil in nature's way without polluting the environment.
Black Soldier Fly Larvae   Black Soldier Fly
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