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Farm Price started in 2004 when it was awarded a supply contract to deliver fresh vegetables to the Giant Hypermarket in Tampoi, Johor Bahru. Since then, the business had grown over 100 times from the annual turnover of less than RM0.5 million in the first year to RM65 million per annum in year 2021. In 2006, Farm Price began to export the fresh vegetables processed vegetables to supermarkets in Singapore. The company had evolved from supplying raw vegetables to local and overseas markets and had also introduced new creative and innovative products such as ready to cook vegetables.

Since venturing into the global market, Farm Price's workforce had increased from 80 to 150 employees and the logistic capacity added from 8 to 25 trucks. The factory space had expanded from one small factory to a 2-acre modern factory. The new factory can accommodate a cold storage facility that can store 40 units of 40 feet containers at one time and several units of sophisticated processing cold rooms that can accommodate 100 workers with an output capacity of at least 40 metric tonnages of processed vegetables per day. Such huge investment makes Farm Price an industry leader in Johor and eventually in Malaysia.

With the company "Everyone Can Create a Better Life", Farm Price is committed to conform to the international food safety and quality management systems such as ISO 9001, HAACP and GMP. Farm Price is also honouring its social responsibilities by implementing green technology & waste management to save the environment. Currently, Farm Price is adopting MyHijau certified high efficiency air compressor to maintain a cleaner environment. Farm Price is also installing a solar system that guarantees 100% clean, renewable energy source without emitting greenhouse gases.
Lawrence Tiong
Managing Director, Farm Price Sdn Bhd 
Shirley Liew
Executive Director, Farm Price Sdn Bhd 
Copyright 2023 Farm Price Sdn Bhd | Vegetable Supplier Johor Bahru (JB) | 新山水果批发商 | 新山蔬菜批发商
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