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Director message

Towards creating a better life for everyone,
Managing Director
At Farm Price, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the business of wholesale vegetable distribution. As the Director, I am proud to share our vision for a healthier, more sustainable future for Malaysia.
At the heart of our mission lies a deep-seated dedication to food sustainability and security. Recognising the critical role of the environment in ensuring a sustainable food supply chain, we prioritise eco-friendly practices. This includes actively minimising waste, conserving water, and reducing carbon emissions.
Operationally, we're focused on expanding our supplier network to source fresh vegetables from both local and foreign farmers and producers. Our special emphasis is on supporting local farmers, empowering them to contribute to our nation's food security.
Beyond mere sustenance, we passionately advocate for a wholesome diet and active lifestyle. In a world where fast food and processed snacks dominate the landscape, we believe in the transformative power of fresh, natural ingredients. By inspiring Malaysians to embrace the abundance of nature and prioritise health and wellness, we aim to lead the charge towards a happier, more vibrant society.
Warm regards,
Executive Director
As executive director, I am dedicated to driving the execution of our company's vision forward.
In line with our company motto “Everyone can create a better life”, our focus extends beyond our valued customers to include our suppliers, shareholders, and notably, our dedicated employees.
We aim to foster a culture where our team feels empowered to excel in their roles, actively participating in our shared journey toward societal improvement. This goal is realised through our commitment to promoting healthy food options, practicing sound business governance, and prioritising environmental sustainability.
As we embark on this journey, I am filled with optimism about the possibilities that lie ahead.

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