Food & Beverages

We offer a diverse range of food and beverage products through our wholesale distribution and retail store. Our food products encompass instant noodles under brands like Rum Pum and Current, Traditional Bihun, cooking powders from Century and Royal, along with dry cakes and biscuits from Aafi, Royal, and Sweet Toast. Additionally, we provide puff rice, papadom, oats like Red Chiura, as well as snacks like Chanacur, Soya Chunks, and more.
We have also developed our own brand of packaged beverages, comprising energy and fruit drinks.

Full Power & Full Power Extra

FULL POWER is our own brand of carbonated energy drink launched in 2014. Building on its success, we further launched and obtained the registered trademark for FULL POWER Extra! in 2018.

FULL POWER Extra! is a refreshing energy drink for individuals seeking to fuel up and unleash their full potential throughout the day.
Full Power & Full Power Extra


ARIOS is our in-house brand of fruit-based packaged beverages launched in 2022. The ARIOS lineup includes two main varieties: ARIOS fruit juice and ARIOS Basil Seed Drink. Both varieties are aimed at providing consumers with a tasty and nutritious drink option, perfect for any occasion.

The ARIOS fruit juice and ARIOS Basil Seed Drink come in 5 refreshing flavours to cater to different preferences.

ARIOS’ line of fruity beverages included: Cocktail, Coconut, Guava, Pineapple and Pomegranate.

ARIOS Basil Seed Drink included: Mango, Pomegranate, Coconut, Pineapple and Cocktail.
In addition to our own brand of beverages, Farm Price Group also supplies third-party brands of packaged beverages such as Speed, aafi, SUPER, Dixy and ROYAL.